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In addition to the name of the link, there are many other applications for monitoring the child

  1. Kaspersky Safe Kids – Parental Control Program to install on mobile devices of children and parents working on the Android platform™.Kaspersky Safe Kids
    • Paid: Yes
    • Android: 4.4.x-10.0.x (starting with Maintenance Release 15)
    • Russian interface: yes (chosen if the system interface is chosen Russian)
    • Developer: Kaspersky Lab (AO Kaspersky Lab)
    • You can download here
  2. Total Parental Control – App to monitor and manage the use of apps on children's Android devices using a variety of conditions and restrictionsTotal Parental Control
    • Paid: No
    • Android: 5.0
    • Russian interface: Yes
    • Developer: MXS-E Inc.
    • You can download here
  3. Screen Time Parental Control – limiting time on games, blocking sleep/school time, site stats and appsScreen Time Parental Control
    • Paid: two versions – paid and free
    • Android required: 4.0.3 and up
    • Russian interface: Yes
    • Developer: Screen Time Labs
    • You can download here


All these parental control apps that allow you to adjust how much time children will spend on tablets and smartphones.

If your kids spend too much time on tablets and phones then apps:

  • Allow you to set time limits that prevent children from sitting in apps you've specified longer than the daily time
  • Block games while you sleep, but allow you to use book readers
  • Block social media and games while you're at school without affecting educational apps
  • Is it time for lunch? Click on your phone and all apps on the devices used by children will be blocked. You no longer need to ask, trick or shout!
  • Block apps. Get notifications whenever your child installs new apps
  • Are you worried about what children are doing but don't want to stand over your soul? What does Seryozha do in his device? What websites does he visit? What apps does it use? Which apps does he use most often? Now you can keep track of what your child is doing on your device, and you don't need to pick up the gadget.
  • Offer your children extra time as a reward for completing tasks or housework.
    Did the kids use all the time allowed? Right from your device you can reward them with extra minutes if they clean up the room. Add as many different tasks as possible – you'll be surprised how carefully children will keep an eye on how they spend their time!


Android required5.0
Russian interfaceYes
DeveloperGoogle LLC
Google PlayDownload
App StoreDownload
Web version (management via browser)Go
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