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The app will help parents control how long they can play on their phone. You can put the time for example an hour a day, and to make a child for something or adding him a few minutes for games. You can also set what hours you can use apps on your phone, for example, set up after lessons from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m.

All users included in the family group can control the child's phone, i.e. Mom, dad, grandparents, up to 5 people. You can add a few children to this group, the main thing is to define the role of participants.

how to turn on family link

Call and text on other phones, the child can at any time.

From this review, you'll learn how to customize the Family Link app on your child's smartphone. The main functions will be disassembled. In addition, a step-by-step instruction will be described. If you just need to track your location, you can use other programs. They are easier to use. Keep in mind that parental control isn't just about Android.

Is Family Link also covered by the iOS operating system? Why should you take a closer look at this app? All because it has the necessary stability. Developers are sure to constantly improve the health of the program, supplement it with new and useful features.

Control through the app that your child is looking for on the Internet.

How do I enable parental control on my device?

First, you should deal with the system requirements. They are mandatory because otherwise Google will not be able to guarantee the application's normal health.

  1. Android 7.0 or a newer version should be installed on your child's smartphone or tablet. The app's official page states that some models are supported on Android 6.0 and even 5.0. At the same time, there is no exact list of models.
  2. At least Android 4.4 must be installed on the parent's device. At the same time, it is possible to control on the iPhone and iPad.
  3. A Google account should be created on the child's gadget. If it is not, then create it in advance and authorize. You also need to know the password from it.
  4. You must have access to the Internet on both devices during the set-up. They don't have to be connected to the same network.

If all of these conditions are met, you can start setting up parental controls. To do this, you'll need to have access to two devices at once. It should be a device from which you will control the child's smartphone and his own gadget. The next course of action will be considered. Some little and clear steps have been omitted. Otherwise, the instruction would be too big.

Android 10 Family Link is already built in by default. Be in the system settings.


  1. To begin with, you need to install a special program on the device from which the control will be carried out – "Google Family Link (for parents)." You can find it in the Store Play Market, it is distributed absolutely free. If you want to control your device on your iOS operating system, install the program from the App Store. There's only one Family Link program. Install and see the app's key features on the home screen.
  2. The program will then ask you who will use the device. You should choose Parent. After that, you need to press the "Start" button.
  3. Now click on "Yes." So you'll confirm that your child has a Google account. It had previously been stipulated that it should be created and authorized.
  4. On the next screen, you will be asked to take your child's device and enter a special code on it. Set aside the parent device for a while. You'll need it again soon.
  5. Take the baby gadget and download the eponymous program. Only there at the end should be a prefix "(for children)".
  6. Here you need to select a Google account and then enter the code that was generated on your parent's phone.
  7. Now the system will ask you to enter a password from your child's account. Click on "Next" and "Join."
  8. The question will then appear on the parent device: "Do you really want to set up control on this account?". Answer it in the affirmative and return to the child's smartphone.
  9. Browse the full page with the functionality that parental control offers. Then click on "Activate." This button is not visible from the beginning. You need to scroll through the entire page to find it.
  10. Ask the name of your child's smartphone. That's how it will be displayed on the parent's device. Then, choose apps your child can use. This list can be changed in the future.
  11. Click on the "Next" button. You will see information about the functionality that the parent will be able to use.
  12. Now move on to the device from which you will be controlled. Here, select Parental Control. You'll end up in a menu where you can lock and adjust other options.
  13. The menu with tiles will open here. The first are designed to regulate parental control. The rest are designed to display information about a child's smartphone.
  14. After that, emails will arrive on the parent and managed device. They will describe the functionality of the application. You can view them for a full review.

Although the setting includes a large number of steps, it is simple. Almost every step of the way you will see clues. The application is as clear as possible, you will not be able to make a mistake during the set-up.

It should be noted that sometimes there are failures. For example, on the network you can find a lot of complaints from xiaomi owners. For some reason, they don't have to set up an app from Google Play. We have to download the program from third-party sources.

Next, you'll talk about the basic settings of the program. Be sure to check them out in order to effectively manage your child's smartphone.

Control children's purchases online. To do this, there is a feature of approving purchases.

How do I set up parental controls?

To begin with, you should go to the appropriate menu item. It's on the home screen. There you will see the whole list of settings.

 Family Link setting

In order to make it easier for you to understand, then will be dismantled each important item. The first of the list allows you to limit the installation of apps from Google Play. You can prevent your child from installing games, music, and other files. A very convenient feature for those who do not want to have some third-party content on the device of his child.

Browser filters are designed to limit a child when searching.

You can install filters on Youtube. They are designed to protect a minor from unwanted content.

This is followed by Android Apps. It allows you to limit the launch of those programs that are already installed on the device. "Location" is a point to set up your child's tracking. Finding a child will always appear on the parent's home screen.

"Account information" – this item contains account information. You can disable parental control through it. "Account management" – here is information about what this application can. You can also disable parental control.

In addition, there are additional settings that are located on the main screen. "Time of Use" is of particular interest. Here you can activate the restriction to choose when a child can use the functions of a smartphone. There is an opportunity to put a sleep mode. During it, the child will not be able to use the device.

 Family Link setting

Click on the Settings button, which is located under the icon with the device. Here you can include restrictions for a single smartphone. Specifically, prohibit the installation of programs, removal or addition of users.

The child will not be able to turn on the developer mode, change their location, and manage the resolution of the applications.

There's a Play The Signal feature here. If you click on it, the baby's device will start ringing. So you can find the lost device.

 Family Link setting

In addition, if you go up to the screen above, you'll see a menu to manage the family group. There are permission requests here. The "Parent Code" feature should be highlighted in particular. It allows you to unlock your child's device even if it doesn't have access to the Internet. The codes have a limited expiration date and are constantly updated.

Through the Family Group menu, you can add new devices. It adds not only children, but also parents. Everything is clear as much as possible. It's a good idea to review all the settings and see what you need.

Watch this video on setting and setting up Family Link.

Opportunities presented on a child's device

The functionality of the application on a children's smartphone is not so diverse. Here you can see what rights parents have, what they can do. There is a special reference section. The paragraph "On Parental Control" is of particular interest.

 Family Link setting

It provides all the information about what restrictions parents can impose, how they monitor actions. There are tips for children on how to ask parents to lift restrictions in case they are too rigid.

You can also disable parental controls through this item. But don't think it's a "hole" in the app. The outage is only possible if the restrictions were imposed without your knowledge or it was not made by your parents. The following happens: the parent device will be notified. Children's smartphone will be locked for 24 hours. It will be possible to unlock only with a control device or in 24 hours.

 Family Link setting

When analyzing this feature, we can conclude that it is implemented competently. If the restrictions were indeed set by the parents, they would be able to bring everything back. At the same time, the child will not be able to use his smartphone for a certain time. Control from the children's smartphone will be removed if it is really tuned by strangers. To reactivate, they need physical access to the child's device.

It should be recalled that parental control can be easily removed with the parent's device. If you do everything right, you will not experience any restrictions. Here's how to do it: Open the app on your parent's phone. Enter the account management menu.

 Family Link setting

Scroll through the page to the bottom. Here you'll find the "Disable Parental Control" window. Now you need to wait a little until the child's smartphone receives a message that the restrictions are disabled. Here's what you can do: Remove the app from your child's device and remove it from the family group. After that, the smartphone can be used without any restrictions.

Apps can be age-limited, and parental approval will be required to install apps older than the child's age.

g co parentaccess additional information

Family Link currently offers the best parental control functionality on the Android operating system. The interesting thing is that it practically "kills" all solutions from third-party developers. Some of them are less convenient, offer limited functionality. In addition, Google's product offers the most pairing between devices.

Interestingly, the program is released for devices on the iOS operating system. However, you can only install a parent app. If your child has an iPhone, you should use other solutions.

Google also worked well on all possible vulnerabilities. It's no secret that often children simply deleted applications that limited them. This allowed them to remove parental control from their smartphone. In the case of Family Link, you won't be able to do that. The program is literally integrated into the system. If the child disables the location function, it will turn on automatically.

The application is suitable even for those parents who do not know modern technology. You just need to use the instructions you've given before. If you are a confident Android user, even you are unlikely to need it. It only takes a few minutes to set up and a little more time to view the main functionality.

But despite all the advantages, it is possible to highlight the disadvantages. Apps need more optimization. Google often releases software products that aren't perfect from a user's point of view. After that, they need months or even years to get everything to an ideal state. So don't be surprised if the app will fly out periodically. Just update the program every time through Google Play. Sadly, users find new bugs in every update. This is said by reviews in the app store.

There are serious problems on some Xiaomi devices. This is likely to be a developer's problem. He just didn't adapt the app to certain smartphone models. Do not be surprised that some menu items are not translated into Russian. This is a frequent problem of programs from Google. Sometimes they even do not translate points in the operating system itself. Although the situation changes for the better over time. In any case, a partial lack of translation should not be a disadvantage for you. The app is intuitive and simple.

There is one serious drawback that makes similar decisions on the same iPhone substantially more thoughtful. For example, your child has a smartphone on Android, it is installed parental control through the program Family Link. It disables GPS, Wi-Fi and Internet access. In this case, you will not be able to trace its location. At the same time, all restrictions will remain in force, as they are remembered by the system. This is a serious vulnerability that needs to be fixed. Similar apps on the iPhone do not have this drawback. They will always be able to pinpoint the child's location. Even if he put his device into airplane mode.

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