How can parents protect their child from objectionable content on a smartphone?

According to statistics, 70% of children use the Internet every day, and 30% suffer from Internet addiction. In this regard, protecting your child from unwanted content on the Internet or preventing dependence on gadgets is the direct task of any parent.

First of all, set strong passwords on social networks: use a phrase of 12 or more characters. Provide each login with your own password – this is a guarantee of security against multi-access.

Parental control can be installed independently in the Windows system: put a ban on certain sites, control the general stay of the child at the computer, and much more. You can download DNS filters to block unnecessary sites, which is the highest quality protection, because Windows can be bypassed by opening the Google Chrome browser, and MTS filters by connecting to Wi-Fi. Changing DNS filter settings requires administrator rights.

You can also set privacy on mobile devices. For the Android operating system, there is a Family Link application, thanks to which you can lock your mobile device or track where your child is. And the YouTube Kids app will help block the source of objectionable content on YouTube.

There are also ready-made solutions on the market. You can contact Kaspersky Anti-Virus or the leading mobile operators (MTS, Beeline and Megafon) and get the necessary package of services for a certain amount of money to monitor your child on the Internet.

Special attention in the lecture is paid to the issue of the types of fraud on the international web – phishing, smishing, vishing and cyberbullying – bullying on the network. Any offense on the Internet (fraud, cyberbullying, calling for extremism) faces a heavy fine or real imprisonment for up to three years.

Do not forget that to ensure the safety of your computer, never follow someone else's links, first copy it into the browser line, and the system will warn you whether the connection will be safe, and on social networks, do not add everyone to your friends. Be protected!

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