Reset to Samsung Galaxy J2 Core factory settings

Option 1

1. First, we turn off the machine

2. For a couple of seconds, push the Increase in Volume – Power

3. Stop pressing the buttons when we see the Android logo or the logo of the brand

4. Using the LoudNess Control buttons, select The Wipe Data/Factory Reset and confirm the choice by clicking the Power button

5. Next in the menu, choose Yes–delete all user data using the PowerIng buttons and confirm the choice by clicking the Power button

6. In conclusion, to end the reset process and restart, we'll press the reboot system now

7. After the restart, the reset process is complete

Complete reset to Samsung Galaxy J2 Core phone settings


Option 2

1. Open Phone Settings

2. We're going to recover and reset

3. After clicking on the reset settings

4. Push on the reset and agree with the destruction of personal information

5. Once the gadget restarts the reset process is complete

Samsung Galaxy J2 Core Factory Reset


  • When the hard reset is completed, all personal data and apps that are installed in the internal memory of Samsung Galaxy J2 Core will be deleted.
  • Videos or images for some activities may not match your phone's model.
  • In order to complete the reset, approximately 80% of the battery is required.

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