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There can be no more than six people in the family group. The user who created the group becomes its administrator.

Creating a family group

You can create a family group when:

There was a mistake in creating a family group

Age limit

To manage a family group, you must be an adult.

If you are under that age, you can join the group at the invitation of its administrator.

You are already in a family group

You can't be part of multiple family groups at the same time. Before you create a new group, you need to remove the one you're in.

No account is supported

You can't create a family group using a Google account you've received from an organization or school.

Couldn't create a family group

You can move from one group to another no more than once every 12 months. It should take 12 months before you can join another group or create a new one.

Not supported by a country or family group

Make sure the family team administrator and members are the same country in the Google Play settings.

When you send invitations, you want to enter a security code (CVN)

If you use a shared payment method, you may be asked to confirm your CVN number when you invite new users to the family group.

Please note that your card statement may include a check payment.

This is how we check if your card is valid. This is not a real payment, the funds from the card are not debited.

Requests can appear on the account statement within 14 business days. If it's been more than two weeks and the request hasn't disappeared, contact your bank.

Roles of family group members

Family Group Administrator

The administrator of the family group is the user who created it.

Only the administrator of the family group can:

Any adult member of the family group can subscribe to Google One and become a Follow-Up Administrator (not just a family group administrator).


Note. A member of the family group whom the administrator has appointed as a parent must be an adult.

Parents can:

  • Approve purchases at the Play Store
  • Change the purchase and parental controls settings
  • set up parental controls for children's accounts with Family Link.
Family group member

You can join the family group at the invitation of the administrator.

For more information on how to join a family group, please visit our Help Center.

Google Family Services

By creating a family group, you can:

  • Use a shared payment method for the whole family to buy content from the Play Store.
  • Use family services such as Google One, The Family Library on Google Play or family subscriptions to Google Play Music and YouTube TV. The full list of all available services is available on the page.
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